Aid For Assam

      An initiative under the Indian Awaz Foundation, Aid for Assam is a crowdfunded project through which the organization develops outreach programs to offer aid to the people of Assam at the face of disasters and unfavorable conditions. Indian Awaz being a humanitarian NGO in India, has taken this initiative in order to provide aid for any suffering and distressed part of the population of the state. Since it’s inception, Aid for Assam has held relief providing campaigns for different parts of the state devastated and crippled by the Brahmaputra floods in the trying times of Covid-19.

Under the moniker of ‘Aid for Assam’, Indian Awaz has made it a focal point of their humanitarian and philanthropic work, and has taken a pledge to stand by and offer a helping hand to the people of Assam in the face of any disaster or situation that ensues helpless suffering for the people.


Through crowdfunding, Aid for Assam has been made successful so far due to the benevolent and philanthropic mindset of it’s patrons; and the organization believes in the advent of more opportunities to further their projects with the help of a potent society. Through this project, Indian Awaz has so far conducted flood relief materials outreach program to many regions of the state, giving a hope to the voiceless and ignored population devastated by floods in the time of a pandemic-providing regular necessities like dry ration and also hygienic necessities like soaps and masks to help combat Covid-19. ‘Aid for Assam’ will continue to work diligently and relentlessly for the people of Assam, standing by their side in the times of desperate need stemming from disasters and haphazardous situations. The organization is open for collaborations with volunteering organizations and corporates willing to be benevolent patrons in providing help to the people of Assam.

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